Damien’s top 10 tips for street photography

Things to con­sider when out on the streets shoot­ing with your mir­ror­less cam­era

Amateur Photographer - - Technique Street Photography -


A viewer will feel as close to the sub­ject as you were when you took the pic­ture, so get in close to make view­ers feel as though they are ac­tu­ally there.


Don’t take a bag – it will mark you out as a pho­tog­ra­pher. I try not to look like a pho­tog­ra­pher at all and I keep my kit in my pock­ets when I can.


Use the rear screen rather than hold­ing the cam­era to your eye. This al­lows you to be more flex­i­ble with your view­points and en­ables you to see all around you as you shoot.


Use con­trast to make your sub­ject stand out from the scene: a bright sub­ject against a dark back­ground, or a dark sub­ject against a bright back­ground, for ex­am­ple. Make sure the viewer knows where to look.


Pay at­ten­tion to light, not­ing its di­rec­tion and qual­i­ties, and pho­to­graph it. When you make light the sub­ject, your pic­tures will im­prove.


To blend in, find the small­est cam­eras you can. Small cam­eras go un­no­ticed in most places and they don’t weigh very much, so you can carry them all day.


Short lenses make you get close and they al­low you to in­clude the en­vi­ron­ment, so the viewer can see where you were when you took the pic­ture. This helps with im­pact and con­veys the sense of sto­ry­telling.


Make sure you know your cam­era well, so that when you need a fea­ture, you know how to ac­cess it quickly. There’s noth­ing less pro­duc­tive than search­ing through an un­fa­mil­iar menu sys­tem while out shoot­ing in the street.


Al­ways have your cam­era with you. Amaz­ing mo­ments will not restrict them­selves to your ded­i­cated photo days – they can pop up at any time. Don’t re­gret not hav­ing a cam­era with you.


Be se­lec­tive about what and who you shoot as not ev­ery­one you see in the street is in­ter­est­ing, and nei­ther is every place. Wait, be pa­tient, and try to make your pic­tures say some­thing.

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