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On 23 April, I was vis­it­ing my best friend of 30 years who was in hospi­tal re­cov­er­ing from a stroke. With his good arm, he handed back to me the AP 21 April is­sue and said that out of the five dif­fer­ent photography mag­a­zines I had given him the pre­vi­ous week, Am­a­teur Pho­tog­ra­pher was the best; he read it from cover to cover. He and I are both re­tired pro­fes­sion­als, and we used to work at our lo­cal evening news­pa­per.

AP is the only photography mag­a­zine I sub­scribe to. Every is­sue in­spires and teaches me some­thing new. I agree that photography is bril­liant ther­apy for men­tal ill­ness. I had my first break­down in July 1977 and as a re­sult I am often in deep lows. Luck­ily I am mar­ried to the most kind and pa­tient wife, and for my cre­ative needs I turn to photography. Just hold­ing a cam­era in my hands and con­cen­trat­ing on try­ing to cap­ture how I feel in­side about the sub­ject is ful­fill­ing, be it a char­ac­ter at a pub­lic event, a land­scape in the woods, the birds in my gar­den, or our beau­ti­ful nearly two-year- old grand­daugh­ter whom I can also record videos of with my cam­era.

For a num­ber of years now, I have wanted a de­cent lens for pho­tograph­ing blos­soms. I am a Nikon man, but af­ter read­ing a Tam­ron lens brochure, I found my­self drool­ing over the 90mm macro lens. So I went to our lo­cal in­de­pen­dent pho­to­graphic re­tailer to or­der the lens, but dis­cov­ered a sec­ond-hand Nikkor 105mm VR Macro lens in ex­cel­lent con­di­tion and cheaper than a new Tam­ron. I bought it, and the next week, AP’s macro spe­cial is­sue (24 March) came in the post. John Hey­wood

Many thanks, John. We are keen to run fea­tures with a bit more scope and am­bi­tion than purely tech­ni­cal con­tent, so we’ll be do­ing more on is­sues like men­tal health. I was in­ter­ested to see that Age UK (for­merly Age Con­cern) has just re­leased some find­ings show­ing how cre­ative pur­suits, such as photography, can be hugely ben­e­fi­cial to phys­i­cal and men­tal well-be­ing in later life. It sounds like you and your friends know this al­ready – Nigel Ather­ton, ed­i­tor

For John, a Nikkor 105mm macro lens was a lucky find

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