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HDR, or high dy­namic range, is one of those mar­mite ef­fects in im­age edit­ing: you ei­ther love it or hate it. While it’s true that the best ex­am­ples con­tain won­der­ful de­tail and tex­ture, for ev­ery good HDR im­age there are 10 toe-curlingly bad ones. For­tu­nately there is a mid­dle ground, which is why in this is­sue, we’ve asked James Ab­bott to share his tips for the most taste­ful HDR ef­fects. They’re well worth a try. Our sec­ond big fea­ture helps you to de­fend your­self against all man­ner of mod­ern ills fac­ing the photographer, from vex­a­tious le­gal has­sles to on­line chancers try­ing to steal your best images. Other high­lights of this is­sue in­clude a full re­view of Canon’s rev­o­lu­tion­ary new flash­gun and a look at one of the best filmem­u­la­tion pre­sets for Light­room. Nigel Ather­ton, Ed­i­tor

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