Per­spec­tive Crop tool

Amateur Photographer - - Technique Control Perspective -

The Per­spec­tive Crop tool can be used to crop and cor­rect the con­verg­ing ver­ti­cals or hor­i­zon­tal lines in a pic­ture with a sin­gle crop ac­tion. Us­ing the Per­spec­tive Crop tool I was able to ac­cu­rately re­po­si­tion the cor­ner han­dles on the im­age to match the per­spec­tive of the build­ing. To do this you can ei­ther mar­quee drag with the tool as usual, or click to de­fine the four cor­ners of the per­spec­tive crop, af­ter which you can drag on the cor­ner and/or side han­dles to ad­just the crop shape. Hav­ing done this you can click to con­firm and ap­ply the crop and, at the same time, cor­rect the per­spec­tive. The Per­spec­tive crop should work well in most cases, but you may some­times need to ap­ply a fur­ther Trans­form ad­just­ment to com­pen­sate for any un­de­sired stretch­ing of the im­age.

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