Olym­pus OM10

Amateur Photographer - - Testbench Olympus Om Film Cameras -

LAUNCHED 1979 GUIDE PRICE £25-40 (Man­ual adapter £10-12)* This was the first of a new range of SLRs aimed at the more gen­eral con­sumer. The cam­eras are iden­ti­fied by the ad­di­tion of a zero at the end of the name’s num­ber and, strangely, the ab­sence of a hy­phen. They were cheaper then, and are now, due to the way they were con­structed and the lack of some fea­tures. The OM10 is an aper­ture pri­or­ity cam­era, with­out a shut­ter speed ring and no man­ual over­ride, other than plus or mi­nus two stops com­pen­sa­tion. A socket on the front, how­ever, ac­cepts a sep­a­rate man­ual adapter which gives man­ual con­trol with 1-1/1,000sec shut­ter speeds.

Olym­pus OM10, with its man­ual adapter fit­ted

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