APOY Round 8

How to cap­ture the essence of travel

Amateur Photographer - - 7days -

Your chance to en­ter Round 8: Trav­ellers’ Tales

How low can you go?

Shoot at ground level – it’s a sure­fire way of cap­tur­ing an un­usual im­age, as it forces you to play with an­gles and per­spec­tive. Fit a widean­gle lens for an even more dy­namic re­sult.

Go be­hind some­one’s back

We tend to pho­to­graph peo­ple from the front, but take time to check out the view from be­hind, too. This im­age is all about sym­me­try, and wouldn’t be as ef­fec­tive if we could see the sub­jects’ faces.

Don’t for­get the ar­chi­tec­ture

Build­ings can say as much about a place and its cul­ture as the peo­ple do, so why not try mak­ing these your sub­ject? Look for graphic shapes and in­clude fig­ures for scale, where pos­si­ble.

Look for blocks of colour

It can be easy to be over­whelmed by colours when trav­el­ling, so make a con­scious ef­fort to isolate just one hue. This im­age is made even more im­pact­ful by the graphic lines that break up the red.

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