In­ter­change­able lenses come in a huge ar­ray of types for shoot­ing dif­fer­ent kinds of sub­jects

Amateur Photographer - - Buying Guide -

IN GEN­ERAL, the eas­i­est way to ex­pand the kinds of pic­tures you can take is by buy­ing dif­fer­ent types of lenses. For ex­am­ple, tele­photo lenses let you zoom in on dis­tant sub­jects, while macro lenses en­able close-ups of small ob­jects. Largeaper­ture lenses al­low you to isolate sub­jects against blurred back­grounds, or shoot in low light with­out hav­ing to raise the ISO too high. Mean­while, all-in- one su­per­zooms cover a wide range of sub­jects, but usu­ally with rather lower op­ti­cal qual­ity.

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