Amateur Photographer - - Technique -

1 Cam­era set­tings and test shot

Fo­cus your shot us­ing AF or man­ual, and then make sure fo­cus­ing is set to man­ual to lock it in position. Next, set aper­ture pri­or­ity with your de­sired ISO and aper­ture and take a test shot. Ap­ply any ex­po­sure com­pen­sa­tion as re­quired for a cor­rect ex­po­sure and take fur­ther test shots. Once you’re happy with the ex­po­sure make a men­tal note of the shut­ter speed set by the cam­era.

2 Use an ex­po­sure cal­cu­la­tor

The eas­i­est way to cal­cu­late and time ex­po­sures longer than 30 sec­onds is to use the Lee Stop­per App, which is avail­able on both An­droid and iOS. Once the app is open sim­ply se­lect 6 stops, 10 stops or 15 stops de­pend­ing on the filter you’re us­ing, and then ro­tate the wheel on the left to the shut­ter speed you made a men­tal note of in step one.

3 Shoot in Bulb mode

Set the cam­era to man­ual mode, and if your shut­ter speed is be­low 30 sec­onds set this in man­ual mode with the ISO and aper­ture used in step one. If longer than 30 sec­onds, turn the shut­ter-speed scroll wheel un­til set to Bulb on the LCD or top plate. Use the timer in the Lee Stop­per App and re­lease the shut­ter re­mote but­ton, lock­ing it in place by slid­ing it. Dis­en­gage the but­ton when the timer ends.

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