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Michael Topham’s ex­cel­lent news item in­tro­duc­ing the Canon EOS R sys­tem ( 7days, 22 Septem­ber) was spoiled for me by the first sen­tence. Canon could not have re­sponded to Nikon’s Z sys­tem in four weeks be­cause it takes as many years to in­tro­duce a new prod­uct as com­plex as a cam­era. Canon has had four years of watch­ing the steady im­prove­ment of the A7 series, why would they be re­spond­ing to the Z7? Noth­ing from Nikon could have wor­ried them as much as the way that the A7 and A9 have eroded their mar­ket. No, they have both taken four years and are bring­ing out their re­spec­tive sys­tems for Pho­tok­ina. Bar-room ex­perts and fo­rum mem­bers have been won­der­ing why Canon and Nikon had not yet brought out a full-frame mir­ror­less and now we know; they were work­ing on it. A new cam­era sys­tem takes a lot of re­sources and many it­er­a­tions of de­sign, pro­to­type, test, de­bug, re­fine the de­sign and so on.

Canon and Nikon had no choice but to in­tro­duce these sys­tems but they had to get them near enough right from in­tro­duc­tion, or their com­pa­nies would not sur­vive. Sony has grabbed a lead in pho­to­graphic tech­nolo­gies, par­tic­u­larly sen­sor de­sign, be­cause they have been num­ber one in broad­cast and video since about 1980. Let’s hope the Nikon and Canon en­gi­neers’ ef­forts are good enough, be­cause pho­tog­ra­phy with­out Canon or Nikon would be less in­ter­est­ing. I think they’ll sur­vive, partly be­cause some of us still want SLRs but mainly be­cause they both know pho­tog­ra­phers and un­der­stand what we want far bet­ter than Sony. John Black We are well aware of how long it takes to de­velop a cam­era, hav­ing vis­ited many of the fac­to­ries in Ja­pan in re­cent years. It prob­a­bly wasn’t the best word to use, but the EOS R is a re­sponse of sorts to Nikon, even if it’s been in the pipe­line a while. Our re­view sam­ple of the EOS R ar­rived in the of­fice this week, so look out for a full re­view very soon! – Michael Topham, Re­views Editor

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