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CRU­CIAL to the Z 7’s ap­peal is its abil­ity to work with F-mount lenses via the FTZ adapter. This costs £269 on its own, or just £100 when in­cluded with the cam­era, which is surely the route most Z 7 buy­ers will take. It al­lows you to use any of your SLR lenses, re­gard­less of vin­tage, but com­pat­i­bil­ity is com­pli­cated.

The adapter is fully com­pat­i­ble with AF-S and AF- P lenses that have built-in fo­cus mo­tors, sup­port­ing AF, in-lens VR, and au­to­matic aper­ture con­trol. How­ever, it doesn’t have its own screw- drive fo­cus mo­tor, so with D-type lenses you have to fo­cus man­u­ally. In this case the cam­era will show a dig­i­tal rangefinder dis­play in the viewfinder, with left and right arrows in­di­cat­ing which way to turn the fo­cus ring.

When cor­rect fo­cus has been achieved, the fo­cus point will light up green. I found this gave one of the best man­ual-fo­cus ex­pe­ri­ences of any mir­ror­less cam­era. Older man­ual fo­cus lenses will still work quite hap­pily, but as the adapter doesn’t have an AI in­dex­ing tab for de­tect­ing the aper­ture, they’re limited to be­ing used in man­ual or aper­ture pri­or­ity ex­po­sure modes, with the aper­ture con­trolled us­ing the ring on the lens. The aper­ture set­ting can’t be dis­played in the viewfinder or saved in the EXIF data. To aid ac­cu­rate fo­cus­ing, you can ac­ti­vate a fo­cus peak­ing dis­play or mag­ni­fied view: I as­signed the lat­ter to the OK but­ton. How­ever, I found that the huge, high-res­o­lu­tion viewfinder made ac­cu­rate man­ual fo­cus re­mark­ably easy even with­out such aids.

To get the IBIS sys­tem to work prop­erly with pre-AF lenses, the cam­era needs to know the fo­cal length of the lens you’re us­ing. So you need to pro­gram all of your lenses into the Non- CPU lens data sub-menu, and re­call the cor­rect lens every time you change. This func­tion can be as­signed to a cus­tom but­ton for quick ac­cess, with the se­lected lens writ­ten into the EXIF data too.

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