Mov­ing into po­si­tion

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The Move tool might seem like one of the sim­pler tools to use in El­e­ments, but it’s still hugely use­ful, espe­cially for po­si­tion­ing images or other parts of a de­sign, not just around a frame, but also be­tween dif­fer­ent pho­tos. In our ex­am­ple here we can use the Move tool to drag the cut- out macaw over to a new photo, then ac­cu­rately po­si­tion the macaw neatly within its new sur­round­ings.

When we choose any tool a set of con­text-sen­si­tive tool op­tions ap­pears along the bot­tom of the screen. With the Move tool we have a handy op­tion to ‘Show Bound­ing Box’. This re­veals a box around the cur­rently se­lected layer. If we click on the box we switch to trans­form mode. We can then drag the box to re­size or ro­tate the layer – this is an essen­tial com­mand when po­si­tion­ing sep­a­rate el­e­ments into a com­pos­ite like this.

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