Get set up for star trails

Amateur Photographer - - Technique Shooting After Dark -

1 Com­pose the scene

With the cam­era on the tri­pod, set fo­cus to man­ual (MF) and use the live view and mag­nify func­tion to en­sure the stars are in fo­cus. If you want to in­clude the cen­tre of the star trial, you’ll need to in­clude the North Star in your frame, which can be quickly found us­ing an AR app like SkyLite.

2 Cam­era set­tings

Next, se­lect man­ual mode and dial in an ex­po­sure of 30sec at f/2.8 (or what­ever your lens’s max­i­mum aper­ture is). The aim is to keep the ISO as low as pos­si­ble, so take a test shot at ISO 1600 and dip the ISO as low as pos­si­ble while en­sur­ing the stars are clearly vis­i­ble in the frame.

3 Ad­just in­ter­vals

Use the cam­era’s in­ter­val mode to make it shoot one im­age af­ter an­other, or add a com­pat­i­ble re­mote re­lease that will do the same job. Make sure the bat­tery is fully charged and for­mat the mem­ory card. Shoot for at least 45 min­utes, but longer sequences of 1-2 hours can yield bet­ter re­sults.

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