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AF Nikon AF lenses driven from cam­era AF-S Nikon lenses with Silent Wave Mo­tor AF-P Nikon lenses with step­per mo­tors AL Pen­tax lenses with as­pheric el­e­ments APD Fu­ji­film lenses with apodi­s­a­tion el­e­ments APO Sigma Apochro­matic lenses ASPH As­pher­i­cal el­e­ments AT-X Tok­ina’s Ad­vanced Tech­nol­ogy Ex­tra Pro AW Pen­tax all-weather lenses CS Samyang lenses for APS-C cropped sen­sors D Nikon lenses that com­mu­ni­cate dis­tance info DA Pen­tax lenses op­ti­mised for APS-C-sized sen­sors DC Nikon de­fo­cus-con­trol por­trait lenses DC Sigma’s lenses for APS-C dig­i­tal DG Sigma’s des­ig­na­tion for full-frame lenses Di Tam­ron lenses for full-frame sen­sors Di-II Tam­ron lenses de­signed for APS-C DSLRs Di-III Tam­ron lenses for mir­ror­less cam­eras DN Sigma’s lenses for mir­ror­less cam­eras DO Canon diffrac­tive op­ti­cal el­e­ment lenses DT Sony lenses for APS-C-sized sen­sors DX Nikon’s lenses for DX-for­mat dig­i­tal E Nikon lenses with elec­tronic aper­tures E Sony lenses for APS-C mir­ror­less ED Ex­tra-low Dis­per­sion el­e­ments EF Canon’s DSLR lenses for full frame EF-S Canon lenses for APS-C sized sen­sors EF-M Canon’s lenses for its mir­ror­less M range EX Sigma’s ‘Ex­cel­lent’ range FA Pen­tax full-frame lenses FE Sony lenses for full-frame mir­ror­less G Nikon lenses with­out an aper­ture ring HSM Sigma’s Hy­per­sonic Mo­tor IF In­ter­nal Fo­cus­ing IS Canon’s Image-Sta­bilised lenses L Canon’s ‘Lux­ury’ range of lenses LD Low-Dis­per­sion glass LM Fu­ji­film Lin­ear Mo­tor MP-E Canon’s high-mag­ni­fi­ca­tion macro lens OIS Op­ti­cal Image Sta­bil­i­sa­tion OS Sigma’s Op­ti­cally Sta­bilised lenses PC-E Nikon tilt-and-shift lenses PF Nikon Phase Fres­nel op­tics PRO Tok­ina and Olym­pus Pro­fes­sional lenses PZD Tam­ron Piezo Drive fo­cus mo­tor SAM Sony Smooth Aut­o­fo­cus Mo­tor SDM Pen­tax’s Sonic Di­rect Drive Mo­tor SMC Pen­tax Su­per Multi Coat­ing SP Tam­ron’s Su­per Per­for­mance range SSM Sony Su­per­sonic Mo­tor lenses STF Sony and Laowa Smooth Trans Fo­cus STM Canon lenses with step­per mo­tor TS-E Canon Tilt-and-Shift lens UMC Ul­tra Multi Coated USM Canon lenses with an Ul­tra­sonic Mo­tor USD Tam­ron Ul­tra­sonic Drive mo­tor VC Tam­ron’s Vi­bra­tion Com­pen­sa­tion VR Nikon’s Vi­bra­tion Re­duc­tion fea­ture XR Tam­ron Ex­tra Re­frac­tive In­dex glass WR Weather Re­sis­tant

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