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A FEW years ago, I spent part of the win­ter pho­tograph­ing cor­morants in one of the Lon­don parks. De­spite not be­ing the most glam­orous lo­ca­tion in which to pho­to­graph wildlife, one ad­van­tage is that birds are of­ten more used to peo­ple here, so it is eas­ier to get within pho­to­graphic range. For­tu­nately, these cor­morants were largely un­con­cerned by my pres­ence, and I had a few very pro­duc­tive ses­sions with them. They spent a lot of time fish­ing up and down the wa­ter, at times very close to me. I had cho­sen my spot as it was un­der­neath a bridge, so to ex­pose the bird cor­rectly, the wa­ter ap­peared al­most jet-black in pho­tos, and sub­jects stood out re­ally well. One im­age I was very keen to cap­ture was the mo­ment a bird sur­faced. Cor­morants hunt for fish un­der­wa­ter, and when they come back up, the wa­ter runs off their face. It all hap­pens pretty quickly though, so I had to be fast. Even­tu­ally I re­acted well enough to cap­ture this bird at the per­fect mo­ment; that it hap­pened to be look­ing straight down the lens was a real bonus.

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