How can I make a pin-hole lens?

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QI can re­call mak­ing a sim­ple pin-hole cam­era as a child at school. It was a tin that sim­ply pro­jected an up­side- down im­age onto a sheet of trac­ing pa­per, but it was great fun. I’m sure this can be done on an in­ter­change­able lens cam­era but I don’t know where to start. I have a Sony A6000. Can you pro­vide some tips for pin-hole pho­tog­ra­phy? Is it ac­tu­ally worth­while? Glo­ria Heale

AThe sim­plest method is to use a spare lens mount body cap and a piece of alu­minium foil. First drill a hole, care­fully cen­tred, about 3-5 mm wide through the mid­dle of the body cap. Then you need to make as small a hole as pos­si­ble in the alu­minium foil. Use a small nee­dle or a finetipped pin. You only need to punc­ture the foil with the very tip of the nee­dle or pin; there is no need to push it through as that will make the hole un­nec­es­sar­ily large. Use some­thing like a plas­tic chop­ping board un­der the foil to limit the progress of the pin or nee­dle. Next, fix the foil with the hole at the cen­tre of the hole in the body cap. It’s best to place the punc­tured foil on the in­side of the cap. I’ve used Blu-Tack to se­cure the foil. Place the mod­i­fied cap on the cam­era and you should see a dim and soft view through the pin hole. Us­ing A or M modes ex­per­i­ment with ISO sen­si­tiv­ity and shut­ter speed to get the best re­sults.

Use a spare lens mount body cap to cre­ate a pin-hole lens

This im­age was taken with a pin-hole cam­era

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