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Amateur Photographer - - Black & White Technique -

Por­traits are a clas­sic choice for mono­chrome treat­ment. Colour can some­times be an un­nec­es­sary dis­trac­tion in a por­trait, es­pe­cially in close- ups. By strip­ping it out, we can draw at­ten­tion to an ex­pres­sion or em­pha­sise the tex­ture of a per­son’s skin. Here, for ex­am­ple, while the colour ver­sion is cer­tainly vi­brant and eye- catch­ing, the black & white treat­ment ar­guably re­veals more about the sub­ject. Be­sides, with por­traits we al­ready know what skin colour looks like, so the pres­ence of colour isn’t al­ways nec­es­sary. You could ar­gue that the neck­lace and beads here are stronger in colour, but the lack of colour high­lights the pat­terns and tex­tures in­stead. There’s no right or wrong; it’s about un­der­stand­ing how the choices we make in post-pro­cess­ing af­fect not just the look of an im­age, but also the mes­sage it con­veys.

While colour is won­der­fully de­scrip­tive in por­traits, black & white can re­veal more

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