Amateur Photographer - - Dxo Photolab 2 Technique -

Smart Light­ing for faces

This in­tel­li­gent fea­ture au­to­mat­i­cally cor­rects for un­der or over­ex­po­sure. It can even de­tect faces (as long as they’re not in pro­file), and lighten them when un­der­ex­posed or re­cover the de­tail if they’re over­ex­posed. An in­ten­sity slider lets you con­trol the strength of the ef­fect.

Mi­cro­con­trast con­trol

This lets you crisp up de­tails and en­hance sharp­ness. It’s more re­fined than many sim­i­lar tools in other pro­grams, as it doesn’t re­sult in the nasty haloes or pixel break- up you of­ten see when mid­tone con­trast is pushed too far. The Fine con­trast con­trol next to Mi­cro­con­trast is equally adept.

Lens Sharp­ness tool

This is an­other ex­am­ple of how Pho­toLab ap­plies tai­lored corrections by draw­ing on anal­y­sis of spe­cific lens and cam­era com­bi­na­tions. Lens Sharp­ness can de­tect your choice of lens and en­hance the close- up de­tail ac­cord­ingly. In essence, it lets you in­crease the sharp­ness of your lens.

Clearview Plus

Avail­able in the Elite edi­tion of Pho­toLab, this fea­ture lets you re­duce any hazi­ness or fog in your out­door scenes and pulls de­tail out of seem­ingly soft ar­eas. While the con­trols are sim­ple – that is, a sin­gle slider lets you con­trol in­ten­sity – the re­sults can be rather ex­cep­tional.

DxO Film­pack 5

This is a sep­a­rate of­fer­ing from DXO but it can be bought as part of a bun­dle, and it in­te­grates per­fectly with Pho­toLab. Film­pack 5 of­fers an ar­ray of pre­sets based on pre­cise recre­ations of the most fa­mous ana­log film stocks. It’s a lot of fun, and the re­sults are both nostal­gic and highly re­al­is­tic.

Re­pair tool

Ac­cessed via the tool­bar at the top of the in­ter­face, this handy re­touch­ing tool lets you re­move any marks, blem­ishes and messy spots from your im­ages. Sim­ply paint over the area and the tool analy­ses the sur­round­ing area to de­ter­mine what to fix.

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