ISO and noise

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The crops shown be­low are taken from the area out­lined above in red

Users of the Z 5 can ex­pect lovely clean, noise-free images be­tween ISO 100 and ISO 800 shoot­ing in raw. Push to ISO 1600 and ISO 3200 and you’ll start to no­tice noise ap­pear­ing, how­ever it can be reme­died by ap­ply­ing a small amount of noise re­duc­tion dur­ing post pro­cess­ing. ISO 6400 and ISO 12,800 are us­able, but you’ll no­tice fine de­tail starts to be en­cum­bered by in­creased noise in the lat­ter. While I’d be pre­pared to shoot up to ISO 25,600 at a push on the Z 6, I’d con­sider ISO 12,800 to be the up­per limit I’d be will­ing to shoot at on the Z 5. I’d highly rec­om­mend avoid­ing ISO 51,200 and ISO 102,400 at all costs.

RAW ISO 12,800


RAW ISO 1600

RAW ISO 102,400

RAW ISO 25,600

RAW ISO 51,200

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