Amateur Photographer

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- By Andrea Hargreaves

Canon EOS 60D, 10-24mm lens, 1/125sec at f/10

Andrea tells us: ‘I am a self-taught photograph­er and enjoy shooting all kinds of subjects but my passion is creating fantasy images inspired by myths and legends. I try to tell a story with all my images, and every element used in my images are photos I have taken myself. Taken at Craster, Northumber­land, this fabulous rusty old tractor was pulling boats from the beach onto the harbour. It was an overcast day with at lighting which is perfect for recording the wonderful rusty details of the subject. As the background was cluttered and uninterest­ing, I transporte­d it via Photoshop CS6 to Talisker Bay on the Isle of Skye. This particular day was quite stormy, also shot with my Canon EOS 60D with the 18-200mm lens.’ Andrea gives talks on her work both nationally and internatio­nally and is a member of Nottingham & Notts Photograph­ic Society. Visit her website: www.andreaharg­

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