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EISA Best Buy Camera (APS-C) 2021-2022 Fuji lm X S10


The Fuji lm X-S10 is a lightweigh­t and compact mirrorless camera with easy handling and lots of creative settings. Its image sensor delivers 26-million-pixel images, 4K video at 30fps, and a sensitivit­y range from ISO 160 to 12,800. The fast and sensitive autofocus system is reliable and accurate even in low light. The X-S10 includes in-body image stabilisat­ion (IBIS) to ensure sharp images by counteract­ing camera shake across ve axes. In addition, the camera’s internal stabiliser can synchronis­e with optically stabilised X-mount lenses for even better results. All in all, the Fuji lm X-S10 is an excellent camera at an affordable price.

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