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Amazon unveils its first smartphone

Want a Fire Phone? Tough. It’s available only in the US, and it’s probably best that it stays that way


Amazon has announced its first smartphone. The Amazon Fire Phone has a quad-core chip and 2GB RAM, and runs Amazon’s own operating system, and allows users to scan products in the physical world and then buy them direct from Amazon. There’s Dynamic Perspectiv­e, in which four front-facing cameras allow the user to interact with the phone via facial recognitio­n. This allows for auto-scrolling, tilting and navigating menus — all without needing to touch the screen.

Amazon has added support for the technology to the built-in apps including maps and games. For example, you can ‘peek’ in maps to see Yelp ratings, or move your head around in Lili to look around corners or objects.

There’s also Firefly, with which you point your camera at physical world posters, notes and even TV shows in order to save new contacts, make phone calls, send emails and visit websites without having to type in any details. It can even perform OCR in magazines,

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