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5 things we want to see in the HTC One M9

HTC’s already on to a winner with its One M8, but things can always be done better


Let’s hope you’re reading this, HTC, because we have some demands. Here’s our wishlist of features we’d like to see in the HTC One M9.

Waterproof design

The HTC One M8 has one of the best and most luxurious designs on the market. It’s a seriously desirable lump of beautifull­y crafted metal. However, you can’t take it in the shower or jump in a swimming pool with you.

Dust- and waterproof designs are still rare, with few manufactur­ers other than Sony offering it on their highend smartphone­s and tablets. Samsung recently went down the same route with the Galaxy S5, and it’s definitely something we’d like to see from HTC and the One M9.

Quad-HD screen

Full-HD screens are great and, although there’s nothing wrong with the display on the HTC One M8, LG has just proved

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