Save money us­ing any SIM in any phone

Is your de­vice net­work-locked? No prob­lem. Un­lock­ing your phone to work with any SIM is usu­ally straight­for­ward

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It is not uni­ver­sally known, but almost al­ways you can save money in the long run by buy­ing a smart­phone SIM free, and then choos­ing a dataand calls pack­age on the ba­sis of the cost of the SIM alone. So if you are buy­ing a new phone go for the SIM free op­tion. But if you al­ready have a phone you like, are out of con­tract, and want to choose any SIM pack­age, you need to un­lock your phone. Here we ex­plain how to un­lock your phone so that it can take any SIM.

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