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In­sta­gram came from hum­ble be­gin­nings be­fore be­com­ing the pow­er­house it is to­day. Lewis Painter shows how to get started

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Be­fore we go on to ex­plain how to use In­sta­gram Sto­ries, we thought we’d ex­plain about what it is and where it came from. Why “where it came from?” – many ar­gue that In­sta­gram Sto­ries is the ex­act same as the hugely pop­u­lar Snapchat Sto­ries, mi­nus the aug­mented re­al­ity fil­ters that make In­sta­gram’s ri­val ser­vice so pop­u­lar. But it goes be­yond that – the way you in­ter­act with it and the UI are ex­tremely sim­i­lar to Snapchat Sto­ries, lead­ing many to be­lieve that it was es­sen­tially ‘stolen’ from Snapchat.

While we’re not ac­cus­ing Face­book-owned In­sta­gram of steal­ing the ser­vice, the sim­i­lar­i­ties be­tween the two sim­ply can­not be ig­nored. If you want to learn more about Snapchat and the ar­guably bet­ter Snapchat sto­ries, take a look at this: How to use Snapchat (fil­ters, story and more)

Any­way, we di­gress. In­sta­gram Sto­ries al­lows users to cre­ate a ‘story’ of im­ages and videos that is au­to­mat­i­cally deleted af­ter 24 hours. Users can draw on pho­tos and videos, add text and even fil­ters to spice them up be­fore post­ing too. This al­lows users to doc­u­ment and share pic­tures and videos of their day-to-day life (usu­ally un­event­ful, hence why be­ing deleted af­ter 24 hours isn’t an is­sue) with­out clog­ging up the main In­sta­gram feed – a so­cial me­dia faux pas for many In­sta­gram users.

Cre­ate an In­sta­gram Story

So, how do you par­take in the hype and cre­ate an In­sta­gram Story? The first thing to do is get the In­sta­gram app and sign up for the ser­vice – it’s avail­able for iOS and An­droid. Once you’re logged in and all set up, the next step is to swipe right from the main In­sta­gram feed to ac­cess the Story cam­era. Users can also tap the cir­cle icon in the top left hand cor­ner, but swip­ing is gen­er­ally the eas­ier op­tion.

From there, you have two op­tions – you can ei­ther take a photo us­ing the front- or rear

fac­ing cam­era of your smart­phone, or swipe down from the top of the screen to se­lect a photo or video taken within the last 24 hours.

Once you’ve taken/cho­sen the photo or video, you have the op­tion to draw on it, add text or emoji and even change the fil­ter be­fore post­ing it to your In­sta­gram Story. Tap the pen icon and se­lect a colour and one of the three pen styles to draw on your photo. Tap the A icon to add text and emoji to your photo – once you’ve fin­ished in­putting text, the text can be moved and ro­tated us­ing two fin­gers. You can also swipe left and right to add var­i­ous fil­ters, al­though the ones avail­able aren’t nearly as good as the se­lec­tion that Snapchat of­fers.

Once you’re happy with your cre­ation, sim­ply tap the tick at the bot­tom of the screen to pub­lish it for all your fol­low­ers to see. It’s worth noth­ing that you can head to your In­sta­gram Set­tings menu (avail­able via the Pro­file page) to change your story pri­vacy, al­low­ing only those that fol­low you to see it in­stead of any­body, for ex­am­ple. You can also tap on your story to re-watch it, and can swipe up from any post to see who has seen/watched it.

View an In­sta­gram Story

Now you know how to cre­ate your own In­sta­gram Story, how do you watch other peo­ple’s sto­ries? It’s fairly sim­ple, re­ally: any­body that

has posted a story within the past 24 hours will pop up at the top of your In­sta­gram feed sur­rounded by a pink/yel­low cir­cle, with a hue sim­i­lar to that of the In­sta­gram logo. Those with a colour­ful cir­cle have posted sto­ries that you’re yet to view, and you sim­ply tap them to watch them.

Tap­ping on a story won’t just show you one story, though – it’ll show you all un­seen sto­ries on your feed, one af­ter an­other. You can tap to skip any pho­tos or videos you don’t re­ally care about, or tap and hold the screen to pause it for those that you do. If you want to exit early, sim­ply swipe down on the screen to close it.

You can also view the sto­ries of peo­ple you don’t fol­low, if their pri­vacy set­tings al­low it. Sim­ply head to the per­son’s pro­file page and if they’ve got an In­sta­gram Story avail­able, the pro­file pic­ture will be sur­rounded with the same pinky-yel­low cir­cle as those on your In­sta­gram feed. Tap it to view it.

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