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If you’re go­ing to trade on nos­tal­gia for a brand, you might as well trade on nos­tal­gia hard. That’s clearly the think­ing at Nokia, which has man­aged to over­shadow its own range of new An­droid smart­phones with the an­nounce­ment of a phone that doesn’t have a touch­screen, won’t let you in­stall any apps, and doesn’t do much of any­thing ex­cept make calls and play Snake: the Nokia 3310.

That’s right, Nokia is ready to party like it’s 2000, with a sort-of re-re­lease of one of its most iconic fea­ture phones. Strictly speak­ing, this is more of a com­bi­na­tion of a few of Nokia’s old de­vices – along with a hand­ful of mod­ern con­ve­niences – so it should feel im­me­di­ately fa­mil­iar to any­one who’s

ever held a clunky 1990s phone. We’ve had a bit of time to go hands-on with the new bud­get phone at Mo­bile World Con­gress 2017.


There’s no firm UK re­lease date for the Nokia 3310, but we know that we can ex­pect it some time in Q2 2017, which means some time be­tween April and June. As for price, the 3310 will sell for €50 (£42), plac­ing it firmly at the bud­get end of the mar­ket – no-one’s ex­pect­ing this to be an iPhone killer. As with the re­lease date, no firm UK price has been an­nounced yet, but we’ll up­date this when one is.


The new 3310 is both im­me­di­ately fa­mil­iar and sub­tly orig­i­nal. If you were hop­ing to buy a new phone that looks iden­ti­cal to the 2000 model, then we’re afraid you’ll be dis­ap­pointed – the new ver­sion has un­der­gone a re­design. For one, there’s a much big­ger screen (a whop­ping 2.4in) that stretches most of the way to the top edge, while the but­tons are all chunkier and rounder.

As a whole though, it’s still small and light, mea­sur­ing just 115.6x51x12.8mm. It feels much more com­pact than we re­mem­ber the old 3310 be­ing, but it doesn’t feel any less tough. Build qual­ity is high, with a com­fort­able weight, at­trac­tive fin­ish, and sat­is­fy­ingly clicky but­tons. Light as it is, the 3310 feels solid – this is a phone you’d be happy to knock about, in a way that you prob­a­bly wouldn’t with a Pixel or iPhone.

The 3310 also now comes in four colours: Warm Red, Yel­low, Dark Blue and Grey, so you can be as

cheer­ful or as som­bre as you like. All the colours look great, with bold tones that are nicely off­set by the white ac­cents, but we’re par­tic­u­lar fans of the red and yel­low vari­ants – they re­ally high­light the chunky, play­ful aes­thetic that Nokia is go­ing for. It’s worlds away from the plain black mono­liths we’re used to from the smart­phone world, with sleek curves in­stead of sharp cor­ners.


Let’s be hon­est, this is go­ing to be a bit of a short sec­tion. The Nokia 3310 can make calls and send texts. It can play MP3s and FM ra­dio. It can take pho­tos. It can browse the in­ter­net. It can play Snake. Your cur­rent phone can prob­a­bly al­ready do all of that (well, ex­cept maybe Snake). But you know what your phone can’t do? Man­age 22 hours of talk time on a sin­gle charge. Or sur­vive a full month on standby. And other than the pure nos­tal­gia kick, that’s where the 3310 is go­ing to come into its own. It’s not go­ing to re­place your smart­phone, but it might be­come your backup, or the phone you take on hol­i­day or to fes­ti­vals.


Thanks to the sim­ple func­tion­al­ity, it doesn’t take a big bat­tery to keep the 3310 go­ing – even for a full month – it’s pack­ing just 1200mAh. Else­where, there’s that 2.4in QVGA screen, a head­phone jack, Mi­cro-USB charger, and 16MB of in­ter­nal mem­ory. You’ll want to sup­ple­ment that with a mi­croSD card though (it sup­ports up to 32GB), be­cause that’s how you’ll need to store pho­tos from the 2Mp cam­era – some­thing the orig­i­nal model def­i­nitely didn’t

fea­ture. As for con­nec­tiv­ity, there’s Blue­tooth 3.0 and sup­port for 2G, so while you can tech­ni­cally browse the web on this, you prob­a­bly won’t be load­ing any­thing fast. Fi­nally, soft­ware-wise it runs an up­dated ver­sion of Nokia’s old Se­ries 30 op­er­at­ing sys­tem, mean­ing it should be in­stantly fa­mil­iar to most users. It takes a few min­utes of ad­just­ment to re­mem­ber that you can’t use the touch­screen (when did push­ing phys­i­cal but­tons be­gin to feel so old-fash­ioned?), but the mus­cle mem­ory soon kicks in.


At the end of the day, the Nokia 3310 is a play for nos­tal­gia, and how much you care will de­pend on how much af­fec­tion you have for the old Nokia bricks. It’s not go­ing to re­place your smart­phone – and it doesn’t want to – but it could be a cheap sup­ple­ment. And yeah, you could

al­ready buy an­other fea­ture phone for cheaper, but be­tween the epic bat­tery life and the sheer Nokia fac­tor (and Snake) we know where our loy­al­ties lie. Do­minic Pre­ston


• 2.4in QVGA screen • 16MB stor­age • Up to 32GB mi­croSD card • 2Mp cam­era, LED flash • 2G • Blue­tooth 3.0 • Dual-SIM • 3.5mm head­phone jack • Mi­cro-USB • 1200mAh re­mov­able bat­tery • 115.6x51x12.8mm

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