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MICHAEL SI­MON shows how to shut down data-hun­gry apps

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Google’s new­est An­droid app might be its most use­ful of all. It’s called Datally (free from­fFl9), and it has one func­tion: to stop apps from gob­bling up your pre­cious gi­ga­bytes of data. The sim­ple, in­tu­itive app is de­signed to help you get a han­dle on your mo­bile data us­age and

stop rogue apps from sur­rep­ti­tiously us­ing it up. So, if you get a mes­sage from your car­rier about us­ing an ab­nor­mal amount of data, you can use Datally to pin­point the app that’s do­ing the most dam­age and shut it down.

There’s noth­ing nec­es­sar­ily new in Datally – data track­ers have been built into An­droid for a while – but never has it been pre­sented in such a user-friendly way. Many An­droid users don’t know to ven­ture deep into the Set­tings app to see their mo­bile us­age, so Datally pulls those fea­tures out of Set­tings > Net­work & In­ter­net > Mo­bile net­work, and presents it in an easy-to-un­der­stand way.

After a brief setup, where you’ll need to al­low Datally ac­cess to a VPN in or­der for it to work, you’ll be taken to a screen that clearly shows how much data you’ve used to­day. From there, you can dial into your weekly or monthly us­age (via the man­age data but­ton), set up thresh­old alerts, and con­trol which apps have ac­cess to your mo­bile data. There’s also a Data Saver kill switch that will shut down all mo­bile data at a tap.

But the coolest fea­ture might be its Wi-Fi tracker. Tap the ‘Find Wi-Fi’ but­ton and Datally will re­trieve a list of nearby places that of­fer public Wi-Fi net­works. You can even get di­rec­tions via Maps and rate the qual­ity to help other users in the area.

Google says it has been test­ing Datally in the Philip­pines over the past few months and it has saved peo­ple up to 30 per­cent in their data. The app is avail­able in the Play Store for phones run­ning An­droid 5.0 and above.

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