In most cases, you’ll pick USB Mass Stor­age, but the other op­tions might solve prob­lems if your An­droid de­vice doesn’t show up

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the menu down from the top of the An­droid screen, and pick USB con­nec­tion. In most in­stances, you’ll want USB Mass Stor­age to be se­lected. (I had to per­form this step on a Droid X be­cause it set it­self up in PC Mode first.) But try PC Mode if the soft­ware isn’t find­ing your An­droid; that might solve the prob­lem.

On your com­puter, click the phone icon in the up­per-left sec­tion to se­lect your An­droid. On the An­droid, pre­pare the mo­ment you want to cap­ture. On the com­puter, choose De­vice, Screen cap­ture. Click Save. Re­peat the process for ex­tra screen­shots as needed.

Get to the Root

If you’re a savvy An­droid en­thu­si­ast, you can shoot screen­shots without hook­ing up to a com­puter at all. First, how­ever, you’ll have to root your phone.

Nor­mally, the An­droid OS pre­vents screen­shot apps from work­ing, be­cause they muck around with deeper per­mis­sions. The root­ing process con­fers su­pe­ruser abil­i­ties, how­ever, grant­ing you per­mis­sion to do any­thing you want. Af­ter root­ing, search the An­droid Mar­ket­place for screen­shot to find var­i­ous apps such

as Screen­shot, and Screen­shot It. You’ll ac­ti­vate screen­shots with a timer, by shak­ing the phone, or via an­other com­mand, and the app will then cap­ture your de­vice.

Easy, right?

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