Put mu­sic on an An­droid Wear watch

You can leave your phone at home and lis­ten to mu­sic on the go straight from your An­droid Wear watch, writes HENRY BUR­RELL

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There a good deal of smart­watches on the mar­ket. If you don’t have an Ap­ple Watch or a Sam­sung smart­watch, then chances are it’s an An­droid Wear model. If you’re not sure, many of the cur­rent mod­els are listed here.

The lat­est An­droid Wear watches run An­droid Wear 2.0, pop­u­lar mod­els such as Huawei Watch 2

and the LG Watch Sport. These watches can store mu­sic di­rectly on them, and stream it to Blue­tooth head­phones. Here’s how.

Step 1: You need to use Google Play Mu­sic

Okay, so you need to be a big Google user to get mu­sic onto your smart­watch. While you can use your An­droid Wear 2.0 watch as a re­mote con­trol for the phone app ver­sions of Spo­tify, Deezer and more, you can only phys­i­cally down­load mu­sic onto it if you use Google Play Mu­sic.

Step 2: Down­load the app

If you have Google Play Mu­sic on your phone, then chances are it has au­to­mat­i­cally down­loaded to your watch. If not, go to the Play Store di­rectly on your smart­watch and down­load the An­droid Wear Google Play Mu­sic app.

Fol­low all the on-screen in­struc­tions, which should help you sign in to your ac­count. Your mu­sic should

ap­pear in the watch app, mir­ror­ing your li­brary and playlists on the phone app.

Step 3: Sync the mu­sic to your watch

To down­load mu­sic onto your watch, press and hold on the playlist, track or al­bum of choice. As long as your watch is con­nected to Wi-Fi or 4G, then it will start to down­load. If you want to only see what you’ve down­loaded onto your watch rather than ev­ery song on your phone app, go to the watch’s Google Play App, tap set­tings and tick the box that says ‘Show down­loaded only’.

Step 4: Now con­nect to your Blue­tooth head­phones

An­droid Wear 2.0 smart­watches don’t have speak­ers or head­phone jacks. From the watch’s home screen, pull down the shade and tap the Set­tings cog. Make sure your Blue­tooth head­phones are in pair­ing mode, then go to Con­nec­tiv­ity, Blue­tooth, Avail­able de­vices and then tap to se­lect the head­phones. They should be paired-, and now you’re good to go and play mu­sic di­rectly from your watch with­out your phone.

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