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Google Home might tell you it can’t send a text mes­sage, but MARIE BLACK has found a way. Here’s how

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Re­gard­less of what it tells you, it is pos­si­ble to send a text mes­sage via Google Home us­ing the free app IFTTT, as we’ll ex­plain be­low. ) There are a cou­ple of catches to this method:

• All text mes­sages are sent from the phone num­ber of the pri­mary Google ac­count holder associated with your Google Home, re­gard­less of whether you have

set up mul­ti­ple user ac­counts. (This has led to some very in­ter­est­ing text con­ver­sa­tions with my­self.) • You’ll need to set up an IFTTT ap­plet for each con­tact you want to be able to text, so it’s best used for your most fre­quent con­tacts.

Send a text on Google Home us­ing IFTTT

1. You’ll need to down­load the free IFTTT app from­tar and then ei­ther sign into an ex­ist­ing ac­count or cre­ate one us­ing your Facebook or Google ac­count or your email ad­dress.

2. Se­lect the My Ap­plets tab at the bot­tom of the screen, then se­lect the ‘+’ sym­bol at the top of the page. Click on the blue link that says ‘+this’.

3. IFTTT will serve up a bunch of apps it can in­te­grate with. Scroll down to and se­lect Google As­sis­tant. In the win­dow that pops up choose ‘Say a phrase with a text in­gre­di­ent’.

In the text field be­low ‘What do you want to say?’ en­ter the phrase you will use as your com­mand, for ex­am­ple ‘Text Michael’. You might want to add a vari­a­tion to this phrase, for ex­am­ple ‘Send a text to Michael’ which you can pop in the field be­low. In both cases end your phrase with the $ sym­bol. This tells IFTTT that more in­for­ma­tion will be given in place of this dol­lar sym­bol. At the bot­tom of the page you can spec­ify a re­sponse Google Home should say in or­der to con­firm it has un­der­stood your re­quest, for ex­am­ple ‘Okay’, then tap the tick icon at the top of the screen.

5. Now choose the blue link that says ‘+that’ and scroll down to and se­lect An­droid SMS. When prompted to se­lect an action, choose ‘Send an SMS’.

6. En­ter the phone num­ber to which you want to send the text mes­sage, in­clud­ing the coun­try code. The field be­low this should be pre­filled with the mes­sage ‘Text Field’; if it is not then you did

not se­lect the op­tion to ‘Say a phrase with a text in­gre­di­ent’ in Step 3. Tap the tick icon at the top of the screen when you’re done.

7. IFTTT will pro­vide a sum­mary of your ap­plet. Dis­able the slider to ‘Re­ceive no­ti­fi­ca­tions when this ap­plet runs’ (un­less you par­tic­u­larly want to get a mes­sage ev­ery time some­one uses it), then tap Fin­ish. You will be given the op­tion to ‘Check now’ to en­sure you have set up the app cor­rectly.

8. In or­der to send a text mes­sage from Google Home, you now sim­ply say “Okay Google” fol­lowed by the phrase you spec­i­fied in Step 4. In our case, we say “Okay Google, text Michael.” You should then im­me­di­ately re­lay the mes­sage you want to send – if you pause too long Google Home will tell you it doesn’t know how to do that yet. It should re­spond with the mes­sage “Okay” or what­ever you spec­i­fied in step 4, then send the text mes­sage to your con­tact.




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