Turn on phone with bro­ken power but­ton

MARIE BLACK ex­plains how to turn on your An­droid smart­phone with­out a power but­ton

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Abro­ken power but­ton does not have to mean it’s the end for a phone or tablet. Here are some tips that will help you turn on your phone with­out the power but­ton – and to con­tinue us­ing it as nor­mal.

If your phone is still turned on

Do NOT let it switch off. Keep it charged, carry a power bank, and if you need to re­boot make sure you se­lect that op­tion rather than power off. In­stall some apps that can help. Power But­ton to Vol­ume But­ton lets you use your vol­ume but­ton in­stead of the power but­ton. Grav­ity Screen wakes your phone screen when you pick up the de­vice, and Shake Screen On Off does some­thing sim­i­lar. Prox­im­ity Ac­tions can wake the screen by ges­tur­ing to the prox­im­ity sen­sor.

Set an alarm to go off at a spe­cific time ev­ery day: this will trig­ger some phones to switch on in or­der to sound the alarm. Maybe set a few alarms, just in case.

If you’re wor­ried about wak­ing the screen with­out the power but­ton, look in the set­tings for any op­tions to wake the screen via al­ter­na­tive meth­ods. For ex­am­ple, turn on double-tap to wake, and if your phone has a pres­sure-sen­si­tive vir­tual home but­ton make sure it is en­abled. Some phones will also let you use the vol­ume or cam­era keys to wake the screen. If all else fails, get some­one to ring you and ac­cess the phone that way.

For rea­sons we will out­line be­low you should also turn on USB de­bug­ging, and down­load and in­stall Min­i­mal ADB & Fast­boot on a com­puter. Open Set­tings, About Phone, Soft­ware In­for­ma­tion, and tap Build num­ber seven times. Now go to Set­tings, De­vel­oper Op­tions, and turn on USB de­bug­ging.

Plug the phone into your com­puter via USB, and se­lect the op­tion that pops up on your phone to al­low USB de­bug­ging. If there is an op­tion to ‘Al­ways al­low on this com­puter’ make sure it is se­lected.

If your phone is turned off

Try the easy so­lu­tion first: if your phone ran out of bat­tery then plug it into a charger and see if it will turn on by it­self. You may need to wait a few min­utes if the bat­tery is com­pletely dead.

Some­times plug­ging it into a charger won’t force a de­vice to turn on, but plug­ging it into a com­puter’s USB port can do so – try that too.

If you fol­lowed our ad­vice above and set an alarm, you can also wait for this to go off - en­sure your bat­tery is suf­fi­ciently charged be­fore that time comes.

An­other op­tion is to turn on the phone via the re­cov­ery menu, although most phones re­quire you to use the power but­ton to ac­cess this, and of­ten to se­lect op­tions within. If your phone ac­cesses the re­cov­ery menu by some other com­bi­na­tion of the home and vol­ume keys that does not in­volve the power but­ton, you’ll be in luck. Google your phone model and ‘re­cov­ery menu’ to find out.

If you en­abled USB de­bug­ging and in­stalled Min­i­mal ADB & Fast­boot be­fore the phone turned off, go to your com­puter and launch the tool. Plug in your phone via USB, then type adb re­boot and hit en­ter. Also try adb re­boot re­cov­ery. This will not work for all phones when they are switched off, but it is worth a try.

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