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Ev­ery de­vice slows down over time. CHRIS MAR­TIN re­veals how to speed your An­droid de­vice

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An­droid is one of the most used plat­forms in the world thanks to it’s per­for­mance and user friendly de­sign, but no mat­ter the qual­ity of the soft­ware or hard­ware, a de­vice is go­ing to start to slow down af­ter some time. We’re go­ing to show you how to in­ject some life back into your An­droid smart­phone or tablet with our handy guide.

Find out what is slow­ing down An­droid

While you can just jump to the steps be­low, we’re go­ing to show you how to see ex­actly what is tak­ing up the re­sources on your An­droid de­vice. This will give you an idea on what ex­actly is slow­ing you phone down to make your clean up as ef­fi­cient as pos­si­ble.

The Trepn Pro­filer ( fave.co/2OgWkfr), which is pro­duced by Qual­comm, will al­low you to see the real-time us­age of your CPU, a snap­shot of the net­work traf­fic for your data/Wi-Fi, and will also show you the load on your GPU and RAM. Head into the app store and down­load the app, fire it up and take a look at what ex­actly is slow­ing your phone down.

Delete un­used apps

A com­mon cause of a slow An­droid smart­phone or tablet is that you’ve filled it up with app, many of which you prob­a­bly down­loaded on a whim and don’t ac­tu­ally use. Like a PC, your An­droid de­vice will slow down if it’s be­come bloated with ap­pli­ca­tions.

Our ad­vice is to go through all your in­stalled apps and pick out ones you don’t use to free up some space. Re­mem­ber to unin­stall them fully rather than just re­move the icon from your home screen.

With more avail­able space on your An­droid de­vice, things should run smoother.

Get rid of me­dia

The next thing to cull is me­dia. In the same way that apps can eas­ily take up a lot of space, mu­sic, pho­tos and videos do the same – even more so if you’re shoot­ing 4K video reg­u­larly or keep­ing your en­tire

mu­sic li­brary stored on your de­vice. Trawl through all the me­dia you have and get rid of any­thing you can to cre­ate more space. Per­haps videos you’ve trans­ferred to your PC or pho­tos you’ve taken mul­ti­ple times.

Re­move wid­gets

Wid­gets are a great fea­ture of An­droid but they take more pro­cess­ing power to run com­pared to sim­ply dis­play­ing an icon.

If you’re us­ing a lot across mul­ti­ple home screens, con­sider which ones you don’t use much or could do with­out. Hav­ing fewer will lighten the load on your An­droid de­vice and help speed it up.

Clear your RAM with an app man­ager

An­droid will au­to­mat­i­cally kill apps if it needs me­mory that isn’t be­ing used wisely, but you can still have a user ef­fect on what’s go­ing on in the back­ground. For starters, you can open re­cent apps and clear any­thing you’re not us­ing by swip­ing it off the screen.

To check what’s us­ing up the me­mory, go to Set­tings > Apps > Run­ning. This may be dif­fer­ent, de­pend­ing on your de­vice, so also look for an ap­pli­ca­tion man­ager or smart man­ager. Apps us­ing the me­mory or cache isn’t nec­es­sar­ily a bad thing, things are done like this to avoid load­ing ev­ery­thing each time you open an app.

You can of­ten speed up your de­vice by stop­ping an app or clear­ing the me­mory en­tirely. Although there are tools built into An­droid for app man­age­ment, there are some apps which you can down­load from the Play store such as Ad­vanced Task Killer.


It’s the clas­sic ‘have you tried turn­ing it off and on again’, but it re­ally does still work for most tech­nol­ogy. A good old-fash­ioned re­boot is likely to help you out if things are feel­ing slug­gish, at least for a while.

Fac­tory re­set

If all else fails, we rec­om­mend try­ing a fac­tory re­set. It’s not ideal, but a clean slate might be just what you need if you can’t fig­ure out why your An­droid de­vice is so slow. You’ll need to re-down­load apps and the like and make sure you back up any data, such as pho­tos, that you don’t want to be gone for­ever.

Delet­ing un­used apps is a good way of free­ing up space

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