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If you’ve al­ready bought your Gal­axy S20 (£799 from fave.co/3dzm­mTV), you’ve surely trans­ferred over your apps, set up the home screen, and picked just the right wall­pa­per to show off your big beau­ti­ful screen. But there are a few set­tings you might have missed that will make your S20 ex­pe­ri­ence that much bet­ter. Here are 10 tog­gles, tweaks, and set­tings you need to learn:

1. Use every megapixel in your pho­tos

The S20 Ul­tra has the largest sen­sor ever crammed into a Gal­axy phone: a whop­ping 108Mp. But you won’t take 108Mp pic­tures by de­fault. In­stead, Sam­sung uses pixel bin­ning to bring the res­o­lu­tion down to 12Mp and cram more de­tail into a smaller shot. If you want to use all 108Mp (or the full 64Mp in the S20+), you’ll need to change the ra­tio in the cam­era app. Tap the 3:4 but­ton and switch it to the 3:4 108Mp or the 3:4 64Mp op­tion. Just keep an eye on your stor­age, be­cause every photo takes up a lot more space (about 30MB per photo us­ing 108Mp).

2. Make the display but­tery-smooth

The S20’s display is awe­some out of the box, but it’s not all it could be. Sam­sung has mo­tion smooth­ing turned off in an ef­fort to pre­serve bat­tery life, but with an min­i­mum of 4,000mAh at your dis­posal, your S20 ac­tu­ally has more than enough to handle it. And what a dif­fer­ence it makes when you switch in on. To find it, head over to the Display tab in Set­tings, se­lect Mo­tion smooth­ness, and switch to 120Hz. Note that if you’ve al­ready upped the res­o­lu­tion to WQHD, you’ll need to go back down to Full HD, be­cause Sam­sung doesn’t al­low both WQHD and mo­tion smooth­ing.

3. Turn your phone into a mu­sic stream­ing hub

One of the more an­noy­ing facts of life is that if one de­vice is al­ready con­nected to a Blue­tooth speaker, switch­ing to a dif­fer­ent one is a te­dious process in­volv­ing pair­ing and un­pair­ing. But with Mu­sic Share, your friend can find your S20 on their own Gal­axy phone and use it as a hub to play their mu­sic through your speaker. To turn it on, go to the Blue­tooth set­tings, se­lect Ad­vanced, and flip the Mu­sic Share tog­gle.

4. Launch your apps in­sanely quickly

Every S20 comes equipped with at least 12GB of RAM, which is more than you’ll ever need to keep your phone run­ning at tip-top speed. But you can put all that mem­ory to good use. Sam­sung lets you lock up to three apps to the RAM so they’ll in­stantly launch when­ever you call on them. You can find the set­ting on the Re­cents screen (where you find all of your open apps). Just tap the icon above the screen and se­lect Keep open for quick launch­ing. You might see a slight hit on bat­tery life, but for apps and games with lengthy load times, it’ll be worth it.

5. Stop ac­ci­den­tally trig­ger­ing Sam­sung Pay

Sam­sung Pay isn’t a new feature, but its short­cut at the bot­tom of the screen is more of a nui­sance on the S20 than ever be­fore. I lost count of how many times I ac­ci­den­tally launched it while try­ing to bring up the Re­cents screen or sum­mon As­sis­tant. It ac­tu­ally took me a while to fig­ure out how to dis­able it. You’ll need to go to the Sam­sung Pay app’s set­tings, which you’ll find in the side­bar. Se­lect Use Fa­vorite Cards, then tog­gle off the Home screen op­tion.

6. Au­to­mat­i­cally un-mute af­ter si­lenc­ing your ringer

This is a so­lu­tion to a prob­lem I didn’t even re­al­ize I had. We all do it: turn our phone on silent at a movie or meet­ing and for­get to turn the ringer back on when it’s over. With One UI 2 on the S20, you set your phone’s ringer to turn on au­to­mat­i­cally af­ter a set pe­riod of si­lence. To find it, head over to Set­tings, then Sounds and vi­bra­tion. Se­lect the Mute op­tion at the top and the Tem­po­rary mute tog­gle will ap­pear, let­ting you choose the du­ra­tion of your mut­ing.

7. Bring back the bat­tery per­cent­age

No mat­ter which S20 you buy, you’ll get great bat­tery life, but you’ll still want to keep an eye on your per­cent­age. How­ever, One UI on the S20 does away with the bat­tery per­cent­age to save space in the sta­tus bar. Here’s how to get it back: Go to the No­ti­fi­ca­tions tab in Set­tings and se­lect Sta­tus bar. In­side you’ll see a Show bat­tery per­cent­age tog­gle, which will put the num­ber back in the sta­tus bar.

8. Re­po­si­tion the shut­ter but­ton when tak­ing a pic­ture

The S20 Ul­tra is so big, you’re go­ing to need an en­tirely new grip to use it. That’s es­pe­cially true when you’re us­ing the cam­era, but there’s a hid­den way to make it a lit­tle more fin­ger-friendly: move the shut­ter but­ton to a new spot. All you need to do is tap and drag on the shut­ter but­ton when you’re in the cam­era but­ton, and move it wher­ever you want on the screen. Once you find a place you like, the app will re­mem­ber it for next time.

9. Block out the selfie cam­era

The hole-punch cam­era on the S20 is much im­proved over the S10, but it’s still go­ing to get in the way of full-screen pho­tos and videos. You can hide it if you’d like. It’s not the most el­e­gant so­lu­tion – all it re­ally does is add a black line across the cam and push the screen down – but it works. You can find the op­tion in the Full screen apps tab in the Display set­tings. Tap the menu icon in the top right corner to get to Ad­vanced set­tings, and flip on the Hide cam­era cutout tog­gle.

10. Fine-tune your Space Zoom

Whether you’re us­ing 100x Space Zoom on the S20 Ul­tra or zoom­ing to ‘only’ 30x on the S20 or S20+, it

can be ex­tremely dif­fi­cult to con­trol with the stan­dard two-fin­ger pinch, even if you’re us­ing a tri­pod. There’s an eas­ier way to do it. If you tap and hold on one of the three cam­era views above, the zoom bar will ap­pear be­low your fin­gers, let­ting you slowly zero in on your sub­ject.

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