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Used straight out of the tin, hot dog sausages are gen­er­ally very cheap and make sur­pris­ingly good fish­ing bait. When diced up, the con­sis­tency is okay for di­rect hook­ing, or hair-rig­ging with a de­cent-size bait stop. Orig­i­nally, I thought this was a bait used mainly by bar­bel an­glers, but it’s amaz­ing how many carp an­glers rave about how hot dogs have out-per­formed con­ven­tional baits such as pel­lets and boilies.

This got me think­ing that these soft sausages might make a good al­ter­na­tive to cat food, a mucky, smelly bait that I can’t stand, which match an­glers use for bag­ging big­ger carp. All you need to do is mulch up some big chunks of these tinned sausages in a pole cup, us­ing multi-bladed, chopped worm scis­sors or a penknife. Dump the lot in neat, or add a few feed pel­lets, and you have a lethal feed that will at­tract carp from all over.

Use strong tackle and a size 10 or 12 hook with a chunk of meat to catch the wari­est of carp. If you get through a cou­ple of tins, you will have caught a net­ful! is avail­able from rep­utable tackle deal­ers.

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