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The beaked point con­cept has be­come very pop­u­lar, since com­mer­cial fish­eries gen­er­ally in­sisted on the use of bar­b­less hooks.

A slightly curved-in point helps to pre­vent soft baits from com­ing off on the cast, and also im­proves the hook-hold on fish when there’s no barb.

This style of hook can be found with round, crys­tal and wide gape shapes, cov­er­ing just about all baits, wire strengths and tar­get species.

The most pop­u­lar beaked point hooks tend to be pel­let or carp de­signs, but some of the finer wire mod­els are very good for sil­ver fish and lighter rigs. I even use them with feeder tackle, rarely bump­ing any­thing off when play­ing fish in.

Sim­i­lar to wide gape de­signs, beaked hooks have bet­ter hook­ing power and wider gapes in smaller sizes, so they of­ten al­low you to drop down in size, to pull a lot more bites. is avail­able from rep­utable tackle deal­ers.

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