To­tal Fish­ing Gear Air­bomb

Price: £13.99.

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HERE’S the lat­est bait­ing de­vice for spe­cial­ist an­glers. The beauty of the Air­bomb is that you can de­posit your bait away from where it lands, to avoid spook­ing fish.

You can pro­pel your feed un­der a far bank canopy of trees with­out the Air­bomb land­ing amongst the cover, to avoid po­ten­tially alert­ing fish or los­ing the de­vice in the branches.

It al­lows you to de­posit bait in a tight spot or spread it over wider ar­eas, and you can load it sin­gle-hand­edly, with baits such as boilies, hemp or floaters, and then punch it out us­ing a shock­leader, clipped-up on the reel so that it stops a cou­ple of rod lengths be­fore your in­tended tar­get. When the line stops at the clip, the jaws of the Air­bomb open, and your bait car­ries on, pro­pelled for­wards into the wa­ter, whilst the Air­bomb drops short.

It’s aero­dy­namic, quick and easy to fill, and easy to re­trieve. You could also cast it past your in­tended tar­get, feath­er­ing it down, be­fore reel­ing it back over your spot, then strik­ing to open the jaws, re­leas­ing your food par­cel with a min­i­mum of dis­tur­bance.

You could also feed floaters at range with­out spook­ing the fish that are al­ready mop­ping up your free­bies on the sur­face.

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