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Ere­wash Canal

Where? Barker’s Lock 70, Der­byshire, DE7 8JS (park­ing and ac­cess) to Ship­ley Lock 72, NG16 3JE (park­ing and ac­cess at Bridge 23, ask to park on the Bridge Inn, Ilke­ston, car park, DE7 8RD). Day tick­ets £2, on the tow­path. Cot­man­hay AC mem­ber­ship £16. Tel: Eric Nel­son on 07899 882985. What’s be­ing caught? Has been coloured due to rain­wa­ter from the River Ere­wash. Mainly lots of roach and a few skim­mer be­ing caught. A few tench of 3 lb start­ing to feed, and a few perch and pike. Steve Posiak (Long Ea­ton Fed.) had 120 roach to win Round Two of the Ere­wash Val­ley Canal Spring League with 6 lb 1 oz 8 dr. Tony Barker (Shake­speare Su­perteam/BaitTech) came sec­ond with 150 redfins for 5 lb 11 oz 8 dr. Tac­tics? Pole and bread punch over liq­uidised bread down the mid­dle at 6 m and across to the far bank for the roach. Cast­ers down the track for a bet­ter stamp of redfins. Worm and cast­ers for the tench and perch. Also drop shot­ting for the perch. Spin­ning and shop-bought dead­baits for the pike.

Grand Union Canal

Where? Row­ing­ton, War­wick­shire, CV35 7DH. Mem­bers only. Leam­ing­ton AA mem­ber­ship £38. Tel: 01926 312319 or 07890 467464. What’s be­ing caught? This is 1 ft deeper on the far shelf and down the track com­pared to the next stretch up, and is fish­ing re­ally well be­cause of the ex­tra wa­ter. There’s been an in­flux of small roach and some perch and they are thriv­ing. Quite a lot of carp to 15 lb to­wards the Nav­i­ga­tion pub, largest lately 19 lb. Leam­ing­ton AA match sec­re­tary Phil Mat­tock had six Phil Mat­tock with his Grand Union Canal catch of bream.

bream, a skim­mer and a roach for 17 lb on bread punch and chopped worm in a three-hour morn­ing ses­sion.

Tac­tics? Pole and 4 mm bread punch to the far shelf for the bream. Chopped worm down

Some big chub and a few bream on the noted Ca­bles pegs. Stafford­based Alan Round (Life­style

MG) topped a match with a brace of chub weigh­ing 5 lb 9 oz and 4 lb 15 oz on red mag­gots to win with 10 lb 8 oz from Ca­bles peg 7, de­spite 50 boats pass­ing through the length! Plenty of roach and gud­geon be­ing caught, too.

Tac­tics? Pole and red mag­gots to­wards the bushes on the pegs around the ca­bles for the chub and bream, chopped worm and cast­ers an inch or two overdepth is also worth a go. Bread punch over liq­uidised bread for the roach. Squatts and pinkies over ground­bait for stacks of gud­geon

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