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WHAT a thrill and sur­prise it was to see an an­gler on BBC TV’s Drag­ons’ Den, cur­rently the favourite pro­gramme in my house.

Terry Dempsey of Ur­ban Baits did us all proud, not just carp an­glers, for whom he is clearly a lead­ing light, but all an­glers.

He came across as a really af­fa­ble bloke, the kind of gen­uine fella we’d all love to talk to on the bank. The nonan­glers have told me that they thought Terry was a high­light. He was one of those peo­ple on the show who 100 per cent knows his prod­ucts and mar­ket in­side out, and who just needed some in­vest­ment and, cru­cially, a bit of ex­pe­ri­enced busi­ness support.

So what if he men­tioned (in front of top busi­ness peo­ple) that he would like to get out fish­ing a bit more of­ten?

It’s that pas­sion and ex­pert know-how that helps drive in­no­va­tion in our game. He even man­u­fac­tures his own prod­uct, which was noted in the show, as it’s quite rare.

The only gripe for me was Deb­o­rah Meaden, who said she was against ‘catch and re­lease’, and ap­peared to have no time for Terry, un­like all the oth­ers. She clearly knows zilch about the fan­tas­tic work done by an­glers and clubs all over Bri­tain, help­ing fish stocks, the en­vi­ron­ment and a bet­ter qual­ity of life for all kinds of peo­ple.

Terry left with no money or a ‘dragon’, but he and angling came away as win­ners. Michael Kennedy, via email.

Terry Dempsey didn’t win over the ‘drag­ons’, but im­pressed an­glers and non-an­glers with his carp fish­ing pas­sion.

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