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Don’t get bogged down in tackle de­tail for this style of fish­ing, as all you need is a short rod and a small reel loaded with 8-12 lb braid.

Small streams such as the one that I’m fish­ing to­day con­tain small perch, like the 4 oz sam­ple that came first drop, and pike of any­thing up to dou­bles.

Do not be afraid of get­ting snagged, as preda­tory fish hide un­der the snags, so the lure has to get close enough to tempt them.

To re­trieve a snagged lure, you need to grab the main line and pull it, but be sure to turn your head away, just in case the lure comes shoot­ing out to­wards you. The hooks will usu­ally open out and the lure will come away from the snags slowly. It is then a sim­ple case of bend­ing the hooks back into shape with a pair of pli­ers.

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