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An en­cour­ag­ing sign is the amount of this year’s sur­viv­ing fry. I’ve just tried a swim where a shoal of about 30 tiny perch at­tacked my lure, but even with a size 8 hook, a 1.5 g jig­head and a 2 cm grub lure, they couldn’t man­age to en­gulf it. Never mind, it was still fun watch­ing them. I have now seen a large shoal of roach, with fish to 1 lb, along with sev­eral chub of be­tween 8 oz and 2 lb. Of­ten a chub at­tacks a lure when it lands near them, grab­bing it out of in­stinct, but to­day they have been spooked by it. I did have one move over a paused lure, but when it low­ered its head, I got overex­cited, and struck too early.

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