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This looks like a fish-hold­ing swim: just be­low a small, high weir, there is a re­tain­ing wall off the main flow, with a back eddy. By low­er­ing my grub straight down, into water that is 2 ft deep, I have hooked eight perch in eight drops. Amaz­ing sport! It is a great place for be­gin­ners to gain con­fi­dence be­fore tack­ling snag­gier swims.

I had hoped to catch a chub or a pike for the cam­eras, but I am happy enough catch­ing perch. I’ve now caught 23 of them, and I’ve only been fish­ing for two hours.

I have worked my way from the road bridge to the weir, and will now swap banks, work­ing my way back down the stream be­fore call­ing it a day.

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