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SEPTEM­BER is a great time of year to tar­get roach, big ones espe­cially.

It seems as if carp have su­per­seded roach as the favourite species of the modern an­gler in this coun­try, but a lovely catch of qual­ity roach is a joy to be­hold and some­thing to be proud of, be­cause it in­volves a lot of ded­i­cated graft.

I was re­cently analysing the age de­mo­graph­ics of the YouTube video chan­nel, for whom I make videos. There are not a lot of carp or com­mer­cial-style videos on the chan­nel, and it prob­a­bly won’t

River Weaver

Where? North­wich, Cheshire, CW8 1PP. Day tick­ets £5, in ad­vance from lo­cal tackle shops. North­wich AA mem­ber­ship £50 and no join­ing fee.

Tel: 07570 976539.

What’s be­ing caught? A per­fect time to dis­cover the pleas­ing roach ac­tion on the mid­dle reaches, espe­cially if the bream are iffy, due to clear water and low flow. Catches of sil­ver fish to 10 lb or more, made up of roach to 10 oz. Bream to 3 lb if the river colours up. Tac­tics? For roach, cast­ers on a size 18 hook over hemp will be pro­duc­tive. Pole down the first shelf, and set the bulk at mid­depth, to cre­ate a slow fall to the hook bait, or try a fully spread out rig, and set it shal­lower if the roach re­spond on the drop. come as a sur­prise that 45-65 is the main age group of those who watch reg­u­larly. Hardly any­one who ac­cesses it might be classed as a ju­nior or youth.

I sus­pect that the age de­mo­graphic for videos on a carp chan­nel would be sub­stan­tially lower. So, do

the redfins on bread punch, down the track or even close in. A 4 mm pel­let will also at­tract the bet­ter-sized roach.

Shrop­shire Union Canal Where? St Anne’s Road, Mid­dlewich, Cheshire, CW10 9DL. Canal & River Trust Wa­ter­way Wan­der­ers tick­ets £20. Tel: 01606 833853.

What’s be­ing caught? This length holds roach to 1 lb, along with de­cent perch to 12 oz. Plea­sure an­glers can land up to 15 lb. With the schools go­ing back, it’s a good time to fish in among the houses.

Tac­tics? Pole with cast­ers over hemp sorts out the larger roach, just feed lit­tle and of­ten through­out what will be a busy ses­sion, at 8-10 m and across to a moored boat, if you find one. young­sters who plunge straight into the pur­suit of spec­i­men carp miss out on the sim­ple plea­sure (and skill) of catch­ing roach on baits such as tares, hempseed or el­der­ber­ries?

Im­pos­si­ble to say, but if you are seek­ing some solid sil­ver fish sport, look at th­ese list­ings.

that works very well, too. Tares are good, but are prob­a­bly no bet­ter than cast­ers, in truth.

Bor­der Fish­eries

Where? Way­butt Lane, Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 5QA. Bay Mal­ton AC mem­ber­ship £75 plus a £35 join­ing fee. Tel: 01270 820812. What’s be­ing caught? The ex­cel­lent Spec­i­men Lake at this club com­plex is al­ways of par­tic­u­lar in­ter­est to any an­gler seek­ing lots of roach, hav­ing redfins to over 1 lb, with plenty of carp to low-dou­bles, so don’t fish too light.

Tac­tics? Feed a dozen cast­ers over hemp close in, and you’ll soon have a solid ses­sion with roach. Try pel­lets on a feeder or pel­let wag­gler for some hard-fight­ing carp, too.

Brad­shaw Hall

Roach such as this one are abun­dant at Ap­ple­ton Reser­voir, which is listed here.

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