Burger bliss

New burger won­der paste 7 lb 2 oz chub caught third cast

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BAIT wiz­ard Leighton McDon­nell de­vel­oped a brand new paste – and tempted this 7 lb 2 oz spec­i­men chub on his third cast while us­ing it.

This time the char­tered sur­veyor based his new won­der paste on grilled beef­burg­ers, and it worked straight away.

Leighton, who wrote Pulling Against Fish, pub­lished by the Lit­tle Egret Press, said: “I used the paste popped up 18 in. af­ter be­ing wrapped around three hair-rigged 13 mm cork balls on a run­ning drilled bul­let with a size 4 hook to 6 lb line.

“Af­ter feed­ing 50 pieces over two swims, the chub came in the sec­ond fished swim, but I’m sure it had eaten bait in the first.

“This fish was cruis­ing and splash­ing all over, as well as scour­ing mar­gins look­ing for shoaled fry, and it spewed out fry in the land­ing net.

“The paste uses grilled beef­burg­ers, as they have a unique smell for some rea­son.

“Also, cooked food is much quicker and more en­ergy ef­fi­cient to di­gest than raw food. That is why mon­keys stay like mon­keys and hu­mans have evolved.

“The paste is easy to make – sim­ply liq­uidise the squid, eggs and burg­ers and add to the pow­der mix and knead un­til it’s a firm paste.

“My recipe gives enough for 100 20 mm pieces,” added bait guru Leighton, who lives in Tring, in Hert­ford­shire.

Leighton’s squid and burger-lov­ing chub.

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