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How do cat­fish seek and kill their prey? Steve Web­ster, via email.

For a long time, the rel­a­tively few an­glers (and I was one of them) who fished for UK cat­fish back in the ‘pi­o­neer­ing’ days, on lakes such as Woburn and Clay­don, as­sumed that they were largely noc­tur­nal, ben­thic scav­engers. We thought that mostly they came out only at night to feed on the dead and the dy­ing, only prey­ing upon the oc­ca­sional fish that hap­pened past them as they lay sub­merged in the dark, silty depths. How wrong we were! Lit­tle did we know back then that the wels cat­fish (Sil­u­rus gla­nis) is one of the most ac­tive and for­mi­da­ble preda­tors in fresh­wa­ter.

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