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Early on, the point of the is­land of­fers a per­fect tar­get to am­bush pa­trolling carp. There’s no need to go tight in, as the wa­ter is only about 18 in. deep un­der the bram­bles. De­spite the cold morn­ing, there are signs of fish mov­ing, and I ex­pect to get bites by drop­ping 24 in. short of the is­land. The early fish are small roach, but once the carp find the mag­gots that I’m feed­ing, they will bully them out of the swim. Keep­ing the feeder go­ing in ev­ery cou­ple of min­utes is im­por­tant to draw the big­ger fish. I will only slow down the cast­ing rate once the fish­ing is very hard in win­ter. My 6 lb main line is clipped up at the cor­rect dis­tance, but I can vary where I drop the feeder, by lift­ing the rod when the line tight­ens to the line clip af­ter cast­ing.

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