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I have se­lected a small feeder with a

20 g weight. The smaller size re­quires me to cast more fre­quently, as the mag­gots will empty within a minute or two. The weight lets me cast with an easy, con­trolled lob, rather than hav­ing to force it out. It also set­tles on the bot­tom very quickly, al­low­ing me to tighten the line swiftly. Af­ter a run of early roach, a nice carp fills me with op­ti­mism. I would ex­pect to catch mainly 12 oz to 1 lb F1s, but there are also carp of 2-4 lb here, which help boost nets. It is im­por­tant to use a ro­bust, sim­ple rig, to avoid hook link spin or tan­gles dur­ing the ses­sion.

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