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This is quite a com­mon oc­cur­rence: upon cast­ing into the shal­lower wa­ter, tight to the bram­bles, the ’tip goes round and I hook into my first F1. The block-end feeder seems to have dropped out of fash­ion, but we all know that F1s and carp love mag­gots, so it may be time to get back onto it. It can be a killer method in very windy con­di­tions, es­pe­cially when tar­get­ing fea­tures just beyond pole range. It is com­mon for these fish to be in lit­tle ‘pock­ets’ that need search­ing out. A small block-end feeder is the per­fect way of build­ing a swim. It’s also able to stir fish quickly in a new swim when bites start to tail off. Even with the line clipped up, I can cast to the left or to the right of the is­land mar­gin, or even along the near­side mar­gins.

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