E-S-P Dou­ble Corn

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THESE Dou­ble Corn im­i­ta­tion baits will en­sure that you’re still fish­ing with a bait on the hook, even on cray­fish-in­fested wa­ters.

There are 16 grains in each pack, in four dif­fer­ent sizes, which can be cou­pled with dif­fer­ent hook sizes, to balance pop-up rigs such as a Ron­nie rig or a hinged stiff rig, with­out the need for putty. They are es­pe­cially use­ful in wa­ters where cray­fish are found, as crays have that habit of pulling the putty off rigs, turn­ing your bal­anced bait into a zig of­fer­ing.

Avail­able in mixed colour pack­ets in Pink and White, Dark Red and Orange, and Sweet­corn Yel­low, they come with hair stops, too, with a neat re­cess in the corn, to keep ev­ery­thing tidy.

You could bait pre-tied rigs with them, so that they are ready to be cast when you’re on the bank.

Or you could soak them in a liq­uid flavour, such as Be­talin, to in­crease their at­trac­tion.

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