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The lads had made an early start to se­cure the swim that they wanted. Ef­fort usu­ally equals re­ward, and the size of the roach was a real eye-opener.

These were gor­geous redfins, up to 1 lb in a few in­stances, but mostly be­tween 6-10 oz. They were very im­pres­sive, putting up spir­ited bat­tles all the way to the net.

Although the spot where Danny and Steve were fish­ing is a pop­u­lar one, it’s not to say that you can’t bag up on roach else­where at Ap­ple­ton, as you cer­tainly can, with the deeper spots be­come more pro­duc­tive as the cold weather ar­rives. This is an ex­cel­lent win­ter roach and perch venue, a time when it's fished a lot less.

Danny and Steve fish it in the colder months and do well. It may take longer to get the fish to feed in win­ter, but the qual­ity of the roach makes it well worth­while.

There are three key baits when fish­ing this large, open reser­voir for roach. Steve is a big be­liever in corn, a sin­gle grain on a size 14 hook. Mak­ing sure that the hook point is show­ing will of­ten sort out the bet­ter qual­ity sam­ples, but some­times it’s nec­es­sary to be a bit more pa­tient while wait­ing for a bite on corn.

Dou­ble red mag­got is maybe the best all-round hook bait. Cast­ers will also work very well, but cost a lot more.

Danny is a mas­sive fan of hemp and tares. Feed­ing hemp and fish­ing with a tare will of­ten sort out bet­ter stamp roach, and so it was prov­ing to­day.

They were eye-pop­ping crea­tures, freshly minted bars of sil­ver with iri­des­cent red fins.

Both an­glers had hooked and lost a carp, but it’s just how it is some­times. They stuck to their 2.6 lb hook lengths to 4 lb main line and kept the fo­cus on the roach. Who was catch­ing the most? I think it was neck and neck, to be hon­est.

Danny was us­ing a bod­ied wag­gler, an item of tackle that you don’t see pressed into service too of­ten these days, mainly be­cause so many an­glers fish nar­row, com­mer­cial-style, venues, I sup­pose.

The body on this style of float


Judg­ing by these qual­ity nets, it’s not sur­pris­ing that War­ring­ton AA’s Steve Da­ley (left) and Danny Bell­field love their Ap­ple­ton redfin fish­ing.

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