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River Beult

Where? Monk Lakes, Sta­ple­hurst Road, Mar­den, Kent, TN12 9BS. Day tick­ets £10 for one rod. Tel: 01622 833332. What’s be­ing caught? Pike an­glers can ex­pect fish to over 20 lb. There are also some good pike in some of the lakes here. Tac­tics? Dead­baits, such as sar­dines, smelt and mack­erel, are best, but keep an eye on the river, be­cause coloured wa­ter is not good. If pos­si­ble, ar­rive when it’s fin­ing down.

River Bourne

Where? Chert­sey Meads, Sur­rey. Free fish­ing. Tel: Apollo An­gling on 01932 355100. What’s be­ing caught? This tiny trib­u­tary of the Thames will start com­ing into its own now, as good shoals of roach, some to over 2 lb, will start to show, along with a few chub, barbel and pike.

Tac­tics? Stick float and small pieces of bread or mag­gots for the roach. Lures for the pike. Barbel af­ter dark. Where? Scours Lane, RG30 6AX, to Caver­sham Bridge, RG1 8DB, Read­ing, Berk­shire. Free fish­ing. Tel: Alan at Thames Val­ley An­gling on 01189 428249. What’s be­ing caught? Perch, dace and roach from the Prom­e­nade, with bream, chub, oc­ca­sional big carp around the is­land and pike through­out. Tac­tics? Pole at 10 m and mag­gots for mixed bags, feeder up against the is­land for the bream and chub, and lures for the pike and perch around the bridge and the down­stream end of the is­land.

River Wan­dle

Where? Ravens­bury Park, Lon­don Road, Lon­don, SW4 6AP. Free fish­ing. Tel: Cater­ham An­gling Cen­tre on

01883 345808.

What’s be­ing caught? Deeper, fast runs are full of sil­ver fish, in­clud­ing big gud­geon, dace and roach. A few barbel, chub and carp through here, too.

Tac­tics? Trot­ting mag­gots will pro­duce plenty of sil­ver fish, but

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