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Fancy shot­ting pat­terns don’t catch ex­tra fish. More of­ten than not, they just cause tan­gles, re­sult­ing in wasted fish­ing time.

What is a Method feeder? Ef­fec­tively, it’s a 30 g piece of lead and plas­tic, po­si­tioned four inches from your hook, and that seems to work fine!

Of course, I re­alise that pole fish­ing is dif­fer­ent, but there’s still no need to over­com­pli­cate things, so I tend to use two straight­for­ward rigs when fish­ing com­mer­cials.

Firstly, if the float is un­der

0.5 g, I will sim­ply bulk all the shot at the top of the hook length, as this holds the float still and shows bites re­ally clearly.

For big­ger floats, I move the bulk higher and place a No.8 drop­per shot at the top of the hook length. A large bulk sus­pended next to the bait of­ten leads to missed bites when strik­ing with heav­ier floats, but a No.8 shows the bite clearly, with the bulk set well away.

It may sound too easy, but I truly be­lieve it is just one fewer thing to worry about. Al­ways re­mem­ber that rigs are just bite in­di­ca­tors; it is your feed­ing that is the key to good catches.

Shot to pieces

Lee’s favoured size 18 hooks for hair-rigged banded pel­lets.Prac­tis­ing what he preaches – Lee in ac­tion on a feeder and (be­low) with a net of bream.

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